How to be a Successful Associate

    How to be a Successful Associate
    CLE 90 min

    How to be a Successful Associate

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    • Recording date: October 30, 2014
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    The seminar is designed to provide guidance to associates at an early stage of their career development that will put them on the road to success. Topics covered include core competencies such as communicating effectively (particularly when receiving projects, working on projects, and presenting conclusions), being rigorous with respect to research and writing, managing workload effectively (including, to the extent possible and necessary, helping partners manage their time), seeking feedback and taking action, making others look good, documenting performance results annually, having a partner's mind-set, and securing both an effective mentor and sponsor.

    Adam Gropper, author of the ABA book Making Partner: The Essential Guide to Negotiating the Law School Path and Beyond which provides detailed best practices to follow to be a star associate on the fast track to partnership, will:

    • Provide guidance on managing legal workloads and time management

    • Examine common missteps of new attorneys

    • Explore the best practices to follow to be on track for partner

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