Doctors vs. Lawyers: Why Can't We All Just Get Along

    Doctors vs. Lawyers: Why Can't We All Just Get Along
    CLE 90 min

    Doctors vs. Lawyers: Why Can't We All Just Get Along

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    • Recording date: August 26, 2014
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    The current healthcare litigation and regulatory environment has resulted in significant tension between physicians and attorneys. The heated debate over state and federal tort reform legislation, increasing regulation and similar initiatives has caused physicians and attorneys to take sides, further polarizing the professions. Public perception of both professions has been tarnished, leading the public to support increased healthcare regulation. The current state of affairs is ultimately counterproductive to achieving the common goals of our professions: improving access to quality healthcare and advocacy.

    This program will explore:

    • The current state of relations between physicians and attorneys in the context of the legal and regulatory environment within the healthcare delivery system
    • How current and future regulatory and compliance mandates affect physicians, attorneys and healthcare delivery models
    • Overview of legislative and policy proposals to “reform” the tort system, including the possible reintroduction of the proposed legislation known as HR 5, and the potential impact of such proposals
    • Overview of how Stark, the Affordable Care Act and other healthcare legislation passed by Congress is affecting healthcare litigation and impacting the practice of law and medicine
    • Whether do current state law regulatory schemes like CON and Corporate Practice of Medicine create unnecessary barriers to the practice of medicine and greater tension between doctors and lawyers?
    • Finding common ground: Tools for collaboration to improve quality of care, access to quality care, reduce defensive medicine, improve medical outcomes and reduce litigation
    • Tort reform and medical malpractice litigation: How should doctors and lawyers prepare for continued changes in the legislative arena, while maintaining high professional standards of advocacy and patient care?
    • Tools for meeting your professional responsibilities as an advocate for injured patients: The patient’s perspective
    • Tools for meeting your professional responsibilities as a provider or advocate for healthcare providers: The doctor’s perspective

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    Howard T Wall III, Janice Mulligan, Martin Guerrero


    ABACLE, Health Law Section, Medical Professional Liability, Tort Trial and Insurance Practice Section

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    8/26/2014 12:00:00 AM

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