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    International Assisted Reproductive Technology

    By Stephen Richard Page

    International Assisted Reproductive Technology

    International Assisted Reproductive Technology

    By Stephen Richard Page

    This is a practical and comprehensive guide to international ART law and practice for practicing lawyers, covering surrogacy, gamete donation and family formation. It also covers technical, legal and practical issues to be considered on any international ART journey.

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    Table of Contents:

    1. Introduction
    2. International Law Architecture (Other than European Conventions)
    3. European Conventions and Protocols
    4. Where Do Intended Parents Go?
    5. What is Legal There May Be Illegal Here and Vice Versa
    6. You Say Tomato…
    7. Beware Cultural and Religious Differences
    8. Issues for LGBTQIA+ Intended Parents
    9. Citizenship and Residence Are Not the Same
    10. Finding an Overseas Lawyer
    11. In Different Parts of the Same Country, Different Laws May Apply
    12. Insurance for International Parent Journeys
    13. Who is a Parent?
    14. Interplay of Adoption and Surrogacy
    15. Deep Pockets and Short Arms
    16. The First – and Last – of Life’s Certainties
    17. Gamete Donors Come in One of Three Forms
    18. Protecting the Surrogate
    19. Always be Aware of the Sharks in the Water
    20. Success, but at What Price?
    21. What does the Future Hold?

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