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November 28, 2023

Testimonials - LinkedIn(R) Marketing Techniques for Law and Professional Practices, Second Edition

"Marc Halpert is clearly someone who has studied and understands what makes LinkedIn work properly. He also makes clear that he understands the special challenges related to the legal profession when it comes to marketing. His depth of knowledge is broad and his writing style makes the book easy to read. From using LinkedIn to build your personal brand, to taking full advantage of the awesome power of LinkedIn networking, from finding and using the right SEO keywords to how to produce content Halpert gives terrific tips, tools, strategies and techniques for making the most of what I call “The salesperson’s best friend” (LinkedIn).

Marc has a wonderful ability to make what seems to be complicated, simple. And the book is not only for lawyers. Anyone in a professional practice will find the small investment of time and money to buy this book to provide a substantial ROI.."

Jeff Goldberg | Lead Coach, Trainer, & Outsourced Sales Manager

"Once again, Marc W. Halpert hits it out of the park with his revised, 2nd edition of "LinkedIn Marketing Techniques For Law and Professional Practices."  I fall into the "professional practices" area and I found myself pouring over Marc's advice, highlighting important areas, and opening up my LinkedIn profile a number of times to review it and make edits. Not only does Marc give the best advice on how to market oneself as a professional, he gives pages and pages of actionable and easy-to-do recommendations of how to best maximize your professional network - and the LinkedIn platform. Marc understands the power of personal and professional relationships and he gives clear instructions on how to translate what we do on a human-to-human level to a technology platform. If you're an attorney or any other professional, I highly recommend you read Marc's book!"

Janet Granger | Author/Speaker/Digital Marketing Consultant | Two Beagles, LLC

“In today’s hyper-digital business landscape, there is no escaping the need to be educated and savvy in understanding the role and critical importance of building a robust reputation on LinkedIn. There is no better way to learn all the ins and outs of creating, populating, properly gesturing and leveraging LinkedIn than to read and carefully digest the masterpiece that is veteran LinkedIn coach Marc Halpert’s latest edition of LinkedIn Marketing Techniques for Law and Professional Practices. Marc incorporates invaluable and granular steps that serious professionals can take to truly develop a unique voice on this social media platform. Without reservation, I highly recommend this book.”

Kimberly Rice | President, Chief Strategist | KLA Marketing Associates

“I highly recommend LinkedIn Marketing Techniques for Law and Professional Practices. This book is chock-full of information and best practices for using Linkedin effectively. Whether you've been avoiding LinkedIn because you're overwhelmed or have been using it for years but not as successfully as you could, you should read this book!”

Amy Rowland | Founder, Varia Search | Fractional Talent Acquisition Partner

“Marc has hit a home run with this book. Combining his years of consulting experience and expert knowledge of LinkedIn, Marc provides the reader a  practical toolbox and roadmap to level up their LinkedIn presence and start seeing better results. The book is carefully thought-out, well organized, and easy to follow. This book has quickly become my go-to resource for leveraging the power of LinkedIn and growing my personal brand. Thank you, Marc, for bringing this book to life!”

Jay Scherr | Owner | Jay Scherr Business Consulting

“Marc Halpert's book, LinkedIn Marketing Techniques for Law and Professional Practices, is a great read for any business professional looking to lead with purpose and engage with their target audience in a meaningful way.

Most using LinkedIn are not using it to its full capacity, Marc does a fantastic job of connecting the dots for you with a very tactical approach. 

His usage of steps, screen shots, and links are very helpful to apply and update as you read, as I did.

It is an iterative approach as he mentions and his knowledge and expertise leave you in good hands as to what it takes to be seen, heard, request a reference, list your accomplishments and the lists goes on.

Anyone who believes their profile is where it needs to be, Marc's book will point out new insights to take it to the next level. Marc is a true practitioner; he practices what he preaches. His passion and zest for connecting and supporting his network in person translates to the pages in his book.  I would highly recommend this book.”

Karen Kelly, B.Sc, C.C.P.E., CCF | Sales Performance Consultant | K2 Performance Consulting

“When it comes to knowing how to leverage the power of LinkedIn to better market yourself and your business, LinkedIn expert Marc W. Halpert is one of the best in the business! As the functionality on LinkedIn is constantly evolving, this insightful, educational, and sometimes-entertaining book is not about the What and the How of much as it is about the Why. The author, a top LinkedIn strategist, consultant, trainer, and coach, pulls back the curtain to reveal how anyone in a professional services field can take better advantage of all the many (and often unknown) features and benefits that LinkedIn has to offer. And while this book is targeted towards those in the legal and professional services fields, I would say that pretty much ANYONE who uses LinkedIn would benefit from Halpert's extensive knowledge, experience, and tips to guide them on the road to success.”

Todd Cherches | Big Blue Gumball

“If you are a LinkedIn user, this book is going to be your go-to guide for everything. It'll help you set up an attractive profile that will attract the right kind of prospects, and it also has content creation strategies tailored towards professionals like yourself!

This book is a MUST read if you use LinkedIn. It will help cover all the bases when it comes to using this professional networking platform so that your profile attracts clients, facilitates engagement with other professionals in order to network and grow relationships further, and shares content pertinent specifically for those interested parties on Linkedin.

I highly recommend reading this before investing resources into anything else because by doing so you'll have a better understanding of where things should fall within the priority list which ultimately lets you save time and money while still achieving goals effectively!

This book does something different from other popular books on the market. This is because it delivers a deep dive into long-tested principles that work and are endorsed by hundreds of professionals in various industries.

I always recommend reading books relevant to my own profession before investing in other resources or programs so do me a favor by doing the same thing with this one.”

Russ Johns | The Host of the #piratebroadcast | Captain @

“LinkedIn has been my favorite “social media” platform for years, and I’ve seen it transform into a powerful tool that can give businesses the competitive edge they need in today's market. Yet most people still don’t use LinkedIn more than to post a digital CV or to try to sell me something immediately after they've connected!  Marc Halpert's book, LinkedIn Marketing Techniques for Law and Professional Practices provides a definitive guide to use LinkedIn to connect with the right audience and engage new and existing connections in a meaningful, authentic way. Drawing on his years of experience and expert knowledge of LinkedIn, Marc has produced a practical guide that captures how to get the most out of LinkedIn, particularly the many recent additional features.  More importantly, along with the “things to do” the focus is squarely on the why, with constant reminders that LinkedIn is about building 2-way value-adding relationships. This book is a resource every LinkedIn user should read and then apply the principles to their own LinkedIn strategy.”

Dr Jürgen Strauss | Innovabiz