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    Drafting and Negotiating Intellectual Property Transactions

    By James A Coles

    Drafting and Negotiating Intellectual Property Transactions

    Drafting and Negotiating Intellectual Property Transactions

    By James A Coles

    From the various types of intellectual property transactions to specific issues of ownership, warranties, enforcement, due diligence, and more, this clear introduction provides step-by-guidance for practitioners with all levels of experience in IP.

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    Working with intellectual property agreements requires an understanding of the intellectual property involved, its scope and strength, and the alternatives for effectively implementing a client's strategy in the terms of the agreement. This guide to the practical aspects of drafting and negotiating intellectual property transactions, provides clear information for new attorneys or who are new to IP, and law students, while providing a quick resource for more seasoned IP and business law attorneys.

    Beginning with a brief overview of the principles of intellectual property protection for the four forms of intellectual property -- patent, trademark, copyright, and trade secret -- the book follows a logical progression of topics covering specific aspects of a transaction, including:

    • Types of intellectual property transactions
    • Ownership of intellectual property
    • Transfers of ownership
    • Warranties and indemnities
    • Enforcement and defense responsibilities
    • Due diligence in transactions
    • Grants of permission
    • Transactions prohibiting disclosure or competition
    • Secured transactions involving IP
    • Treatment of IP under government funding agreements
    • Application of antitrust laws

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