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    Trade Secrets: A State-by-State Survey, Seventh Edition

    By Brian M Malsberger

    Trade Secrets: A State-by-State Survey, Seventh Edition

    Trade Secrets: A State-by-State Survey, Seventh Edition

    By Brian M Malsberger

    This two-volume publication provides authoritative, in-depth analysis of each state's statutory and common law protection of trade secrets and other confidential business information, both within and outside of the employment context.

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    Cutting-edge analysis examined in the Trade Secrets: A State-by-State Survey includes:

    • What facts the plaintiff in a trade secret misappropriation action must show where defendants have been given access to the plaintiffs' trade secrets pursuant to a nondisclosure covenant
    • How courts have interpreted the lack of a reasonableness-of-efforts limitation in a state uniform trade secrets act???s provision governing trade secret owners??? efforts to maintain secrecy
    • Whether making cost and profit margin figures available to a plaintiff???s contractors destroys trade secret status where the information is otherwise kept completely confidential
    • Whether a claim for trade secret misappropriation can be covered by jury waiver provision.
    • And more!

    Using a uniform topic structure that provides a comparative view across states, this treatise is invaluable for lawyers with a multi-jurisdictional practice, as well as for those seeking persuasive authority from other states.

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