Her Voice in Law

    By Laurie Koller and Rena Cook

    Her Voice in Law

    Her Voice in Law

    By Laurie Koller and Rena Cook

    This book provides an in-depth training course for the female attorney who wants to have more vocal power, to build instant trust and rapport and have authentic command in all legal situations, including trial work. The authors go in-depth to provide a straightforward pathway for lasting changes.

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    This book provides a deep dive into various aspects of voice and presentation including breath, resonance, articulation, inflection and shaping openings and closing for maximum impact on the jury. It is divided into five primary sections, Tuning Your Instrument, Catching Their Interest, Catching Their Heart, Amplifying Through Body Language and Gesture, and Applying Voice to Everyday Legal Situations. The pedagogical goal is to provide a training model that yields actual and lasting results for litigators and attorneys who want a wider range of story-telling skills to strengthen their success in and out of the courtroom. This book’s contribution is the depth into which the authors go into the subject of voice and its relation to story-telling, providing a clear and tangible pathway to skill development and lasting transformation.

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    Laurie Koller, Rena Cook


    ABA Book Publishing


    ABA Book Publishing



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