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    Legal Opinions in Business Transactions, Fourth Edition

    By Arthur Norman Field and Jeffrey M Smith

    Legal Opinions in Business Transactions, Fourth Edition

    Legal Opinions in Business Transactions, Fourth Edition

    By Arthur Norman Field and Jeffrey M Smith

    For more than 30 years, this respected opinion letter treatise has provided guidance to attorneys who prepare and receive third-party opinion letters. This three-volume 4th edition is a complete opinion letter library, which includes familiar and more specialized opinion forms, risk analysis, and national bar reports. It belongs on the bookshelf of all who are interested in opinion letter practice.

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    The respected Field & Smith treatise continues its traditional role as a clear and accessible working tool for transactional attorneys. It is updated to reflect recent cases and changes in opinion practice, new bar opinion reports, and insurance and risk management trends. In each area, aids are provided that were specifically designed to facilitate finding answers to opinion questions quickly.

    Highlights include:

    Volume 1 - Opinion Letters in Practice
    The 13 chapters include: an opinion letter vocabulary; all the familiar opinion forms and the diligence required to give them; a discussion of the opinion negotiation process; handling factual material; multijurisdictional problems; and the remedies opinion.

    Volume 2 - Opinion Letters in Regulated and Special Situations
    Nine authors with experience in giving specialized opinions, provide detailed guidance on opinions relating to: bankruptcy; business acquisitions; Delaware entities; corporate trust; municipal bonds; real estate financing; securities law; UCC Art. 9; and tax.

    Volume 3 - Risk Management and Opinion Resources
    This volume includes: materials on insurance coverage; an insurance vocabulary; and a description of the stages of a typical opinion letter claim that is litigated. In addition to key reports on specialized opinions (for example real estate and municipal bonds), this volume contains hard copies of all the national opinion reports including the reports of TriBar, the ABA BLS Opinion Committee and the Multi-Bar Statements.

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