Social Media Law: A Handbook of Cases & Use, 3rd Edition

    By Ursula Furi-Perry

    Social Media Law: A Handbook of Cases & Use, 3rd Edition

    Social Media Law: A Handbook of Cases & Use, 3rd Edition

    By Ursula Furi-Perry

    The third edition of Social Media Law is updated with new case law and legislative developments.

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    Social Media Law examines social and new media issues through the lens of law and policy. With social networking and the use of social media and new media always growing, it is essential for attorneys and law students to understand the trends in these platforms when advising clients of the potential risks and pitfalls of social media and social networking use.

    Social Media Law addresses the current and pressing issues in this dynamic area of law:

    • Privacy, anonymity, and accountability in the context of social networking
    • Sources and privacy issues faced by journalists
    • The future of journalism and publishing in the context of new media
    • The intersection of social media and the First Amendment
    • Social media issues in employment law
    • Social media and education law
    • Copyright and fair use in the context of new media
    • Peer-to-peer file sharing
    • The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and the proposed PROTECT IP Act
    • New media and its impact on mass communications laws
    • Social media and litigation-from "tweeting" jurors (and jurors who "tweet") to messaging witnesses to "friending" judges
    • Bloggers, user-created content, "citizen journalism," and the like
    • Social media-related cybercrime and its prosecution
    • The intersection of social medial law and new business models, and implications on business law and contract law
    • Virtual law practice and the role of social and new media in representing clients, specifically in the business of law practice and in issues of professionalism

    This edition covers a wide range of recent court decisions; privacy issues regarding employers and employees on social media; and social media directives issued by the Securities and Exchange Commission and Federal Drug Administration.

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