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    The FTC Franchise Rule, Third Edition

    Edited by Susan A Grueneberg, Ann Hurwitz, and Alexander Tuneski

    The FTC Franchise Rule, Third Edition

    The FTC Franchise Rule, Third Edition

    Edited by Susan A Grueneberg, Ann Hurwitz, and Alexander Tuneski

    Serving as an analytical tool and a comprehensive, practical guide for franchise law practitioners, this is an exceptionally useful resource for "old hands" as well as for those who are new to the practice of franchise law. Written by a team of experienced franchise lawyers, this book serves not only as an important resource for understanding the provisions of the FTC Rule, as well as guidance from state regulatory agencies and NASAA. The book also contains the invaluable Franchise Rule Toolkit and additional source materials essential to interpreting the FTC Rule's disclosure requirements.

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    The FTC restored its primacy in franchise disclosure with the adoption of the Amended Franchise Rule in January 2007, and since then additional guidance on franchise disclosure has come from both the FTC and NASAA. This Third Edition of The FTC Handbook provides invaluable updates and insights on how the Amended Rule is being utilized by practitioners and applied by regulators.

    In order to properly prepare Franchise Disclosure Documents that comply with the pre-sale disclosure requirements of the FTC Rule, franchise law practitioners must synthesize the Rule with each of these interpretative documents. This compendium provides practitioners with the background information and tools necessary to do so. Each of the chapters features in-depth analysis on different aspects of the Rule, culminating in The Franchise Rule Toolkit, which presents the various commentaries in a user-friendly manner.

    Topics covered in The FTC Franchise Rule include:

    • Overview of the FTC Rule and related authorities
    • Scope and coverage of the FTC Rule
    • FTC Rule disclosure items
    • Item 19: Financial Performance representations
    • Delivery and updating
    • Prohibitions and liabilities
    Appendices include The Franchise Rule Toolkit, an invaluable step-by-step resource for preparing an effective disclosure document with guidance on what information is required for each authority. The Franchise Rule Toolkit, along with the book???s other appendices, are available online for downloading.

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