Blockchain for Business Lawyers

    By James A Cox and Mark W Rasmussen

    Blockchain for Business Lawyers

    Blockchain for Business Lawyers

    By James A Cox and Mark W Rasmussen

    Blockchain for Business Lawyers identifies the principal challenges of blockchain (distributed ledger technology) in seven separate fields of law, reviews legal developments, and suggests possible resolutions in light of these developments.

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    In nearly every forum, blockchain has been described as one of the most transformative and disruptive technologies in decades.

    Blockchain technology is a major technological innovation that promises to work significant changes to the way we do business in several different fields. Those changes, in turn, will bring new legal challenges that our laws, courts, regulatory agencies, and other institutions will need to address. Given what we see as the wide scope and lasting impact of blockchain technology, we cannot expect to discern (much less solve) these legal challenges now; nevertheless, Blockchain for Business Lawyers looks at the challenges and analyzes legal developments that have occurred so far, and then offers possible resolutions.

    --MIT Technology Review: “Many see the [blockchain] technology’s rise as a vital new phase in the internet economy—one that is, arguably, even more transformative than the first.” [Michael J. Casey & Paul Vigna (May/June 2018)]
    --Congressional Hearings: “Blockchain technology has the potential to make game-changing transformations to our digital economy and financial security.” [Rep. Elizabeth Esty (Feb. 2018)]
    --Government Auditor Forum: The Comptroller General of the United States identified “cryptocurrencies and blockchain” as one of the top five emerging science and technology trends foreseeably transforming society. [Gene Dodaro (May 2018)]
    --Computer World: Blockchain has been described as the “most disruptive tech in decades.” [Lucas Mearian (May 2018)].

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