Legal Ethics and Social Media: A Practitioner's Handbook

    By Jan L Jacobowitz and John G Browning

    Legal Ethics and Social Media: A Practitioner's Handbook

    Legal Ethics and Social Media: A Practitioner's Handbook

    By Jan L Jacobowitz and John G Browning

    While technology positively impacts the legal profession and improves workflows, a lawyer must also master digital communications skills and know that all existing rules of ethics still apply while navigating the brave new world of status updates, tweets, Instagram followers, and YouTube uploads.
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    While technology has improved the speed and efficiency for providing legal services, one aspect that may be overlooked is how the rapid growth of social media has affected the landscape of almost everything a lawyer may touch—for better or for worse.

    Written to assist lawyers with every level of experience in social media navigate the often slippery slope of digital communication such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and more, this pertinent book offers necessary guidance for one’s ethical responsibilities in social media.

    Legal Ethics and Social Media: A Practitoner's Handbook covers all areas of social media from both the attorney’s perspective as well as that of the attorney’s clients. Topics include:

    • Being digitally competent
    • Representing and advising clients in this digital age
    • Judges, courts and legal ethics
    • Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube
    • Attorney advertising and social media
    • Preservation and spoliation of digital evidence
    • "Facebooking" a jury
    • Ethically filtering a response to a negative online comment or review
    • Digital assets and much more

    In addition, the book includes references to Legal Ethics Advisory Opinions and a Table of Cases. Any lawyer, judge, law student or legal professional who uses social media or has faced obstacles in court with client’s social media activity will find this an invaluable—and essential—tool for their practice or firm.

    From the Authors

    "Social media has revolutionized communication. Our book provides a road map for lawyers—both the social media savvy and the uninitiated—to assist in ethically incorporating social media into the practice of law. The book’s accessible question and answer format renders it an easy-to-use handbook whether you are seeking the answers to a few questions or a total social media immersion."
    - Author Jan L. Jacobowitz, Professor of Ethics, University of Miami Law School, Miami, FL

    "With the dizzying pace at which social media is impacting the legal system—from tweets being used to defame or even physically harm someone, to people being served via Facebook—it's critical for lawyers to know where the ethical boundaries are drawn when using social media. And given the new standard of tech competence to which lawyers are being held, ignoring or failing to heed the significance of social media for our profession is not an option."
    - Author John G. Browning, Shareholder, Passman & Jones, Dallas, TX

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