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    The ABA Consumer Guide to Obtaining a Patent

    By Richard W Goldstein

    The ABA Consumer Guide to Obtaining a Patent

    The ABA Consumer Guide to Obtaining a Patent

    By Richard W Goldstein

    This book teaches the most important principles to understand about patent applications, and about the patent system, protecting patentable ideas effectively and efficiently���and avoiding wasting time and money.

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    If you are an inventor or entrepreneur who wants to understand how to use the patent system to help fulfill your business goals, this book is for you.

    This book won���t teach you how to write a patent application. What it will teach you are the most important principles to understand about patent applications, and about the patent system, if you want to protect your patentable ideas effectively and efficiently���and avoid wasting time and money.

    You will learn:

    • What you might already be doing without realizing it that can jeopardize your chances of ever getting a patent
    • How to determine if you can get a patent on your invention
    • Why a patent may or may not be important for your particular business goals
    • When to file a patent application, and at what point you should get an attorney involved
    • How to avoid making the patenting mistakes that even smart entrepreneurs make every day

    Praise for The ABA Consumer Guide to Obtaining a Patent

    "It's not always wise for entrepreneurs to rush to get a patent, but they should rush to get this book to learn about patents! Learn the process, spend your money wisely, and apply for a patent at the right time, and for the right reasons."
    ���Barbara Corcoran, Founder of The Corcoran Group, ABC���s Shark Tank investor, and Author of Shark Tales

    "Finally a book that walks you through the patent process in plain English!"
    ���Frank Kern, Entrepreneur and Internet Marketing Expert

    "Rich Goldstein has succeeded in explaining the important information every inventor and entrepreneur needs to know before deciding whether to file for patent protection on their idea or invention. The information is presented in a down to earth, straight forward, and conversational manner so that non-patent professionals can make sound business decisions when considering if and how to protect their important intellectual property."
    ���Nicholas P. Godici, Former Commissioner for Patents of the USPTO and Acting Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property

    "Goldstein demystifies with simple language and examples from everyday life. You have the sense that he is there talking to you in your living room. Reading this book will leave you fully informed about how patents work."
    ���James Pooley, Former Deputy Director General of WIPO and Manager of the international patent system for the UN

    "DIY patenting is a disaster, but money-is-no-object patenting is not much better. Smart entrepreneurs (and smart patent attorneys) know that the more that inventors and entrepreneurs know about the patent system, the better the outcomes for everyone. Rich Goldstein has deep experience helping inventors get the patents they need, and avoiding the ones they do not. If you want to know about patenting, you should read his book. Clear, thorough, but jargon free, it will help you understand the patent system, work effectively with your patent attorney to get good patents, and avoid weak and excessively expensive ones."
    ���Neil Milton, Author of Intellectual Property Law For Dummies

    "Hey inventors, forget do-it-yourself patent applications and kits! Been there, done that. But being informed about the what, where, when and why of the patent application process is key. What I like best about the ABA Consumer Guide to Obtaining a Patent is that this is not a ���how-to��� book. Rather, it lays out what anyone serious about their invention should know in order to make the best possible decisions about how to proceed. Educated inventors make the best clients for patent lawyers and this book teaches you enough to be a great client, which helps keep fees down. Buying this book might be one of the most successful investments you���ve ever made."
    ���Kevin Lee, founder of Didit and CEO of

    "The ABA Consumer Guide to Obtaining a Patent is a fun and stimulating read. The author���s years of listening to inventors resonates throughout this book. Our country was built on innovation and this book will help innovators make good decisions. Whether an entrepreneur, a new inventor or a seasoned pro, this book is a ���must have���. A down to earth resource that can help those who may not know where to start as well as those who strategize."
    ���Donna P. Suchy, Chair, The American Bar Association Section of Intellectual Property Law

    "Rich Goldstein and the ABA provide a much-needed and lucid patent guide for entrepreneurs and innovators, translating often complex and jargon-filled patent arcana into clear and digestible concepts. The ABA Consumer Guide to Obtaining a Patent is a great handbook for laypeople to understand the requirements, process, and also the benefits and limitations of patents for protecting and exploiting innovation."
    ���Wayne Sobon, Past President of The American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA), Owner of Wayne Sobon Consulting

    "Rich has done an excellent job developing an easy to read guide to patenting for today���s entrepreneurs and innovators. Unlike patenting handbooks, this guide does not confine itself to how to get a patent, but also expends significant energy on why get a patent. The discussions relating to the business of intellectual property, e.g. licensing, attracting investors, monetization, and so on, are critical to understanding the place patents occupy in supporting economic development, innovation and entrepreneurship. I highly recommend this guide to patent novices and experts alike."
    ���Phyllis T. Turner-Brim, Vice President and Chief IP Counsel, Intellectual Ventures

    "A great resource and guide for everyone interested in patents, in learning how the patent system works, and in practical, business oriented answers to the many, many questions that come up from the start to the finish of protecting an invention."
    ���Philip T. Petti, Chief Intellectual Property Counsel, USG Corporation

    "Written in a conversational style and using plain language, Rich Goldstein���s Consumer Guide makes it easy to understand the complex procedural and legal principles that govern U.S. patent law."
    ���Alan Kasper, Co-Author of Patents After the AIA: Evolving Law and Practice

    "From my experience in patent valuation, there is a great need for a ���go to��� resource regarding both the basics of obtaining legal protection and the various methods for monetizing these assets. Rich Goldstein's book is the only one I have seen that covers these vital topics in a clear and easy to read format."
    ���Roy D���Souza, Managing Director, Ocean Tomo LLC

    "For entrepreneurs of all kinds, nothing is more confusingly murky, painfully stressful and yet critical than protecting their opportunity through patenting. Richard cuts through the fog and makes it clear and simple for a business owner to move forward with their best ideas confidently. Any innovator who is serious about bringing an idea to market needs this book on their shelf!"
    ���Peter Shallard, The Shrink for Entrepreneurs, Business Psychologist and Consultant

    "The question of "do-it-yourself" versus hiring a lawyer is ever-present for entrepreneurs, as we're often on a tight budget, and inclined to take matters into their own hands; we're often skeptical of lawyers, who may try to sell us too much "lawyering" for our specific needs. In this book, Rich Goldstein shows us the perfect way to get the best of both worlds: the security of knowing that we've put our IP on a solid-footing legally, on a budget as close to DIY as possible, with as little unnecessary lawyering as possible. Bravo. I look forward to many more books like this from Goldstein."
    ���Michael Ellsberg, author of The Education of Millionaires, and co-author of The Last Safe Investment

    "A few years ago, I filed 10 patent applications for a startup I co-founded. I didn���t understand the process and soon we received 8 rejections, costing the company a lot of time and money. If only I had this book back then it would have worked out much better! Now, after reading this book I know exactly how to handle patenting my next idea."
    ���Jian Tam, Serial Entrepeneur

    "As an IP attorney from Mexico, it is rarely quick or easy to learn about the patent systems of other jurisdictions. For anyone wanting a deep understanding of how the U.S. patent system works, this book is a must have."
    ���Juan Rodrigo Pimentel, Arochi & Lindner, Mexico City

    "I often hear from my inventor and entrepreneur clients about the many self-help patent guides they encounter. These books were written years ago, are outdated, and full of conflicting information that can cause issues. Their era is over. Rich Goldstein's book is contemporary, up to date, practical and one that every inventor should have in their arsenal for protecting a concept and then bringing that concept to market. This is accomplished with great detail, honesty, and illustrates the innovation and patent system in a light that many must see. I for one will be recommending it to all my clients and fellow attorneys as the one stop information shop for everything patents."
    ���David Postolski, Patent Attorney, Gearhart Law LLC

    "Got an idea for a product that you���d like to patent? You need this book. A simple to understand guide that clears through all of the clutter so you can know if you need a patent, how to get one and most importantly, how to protect your ideas."
    ���J.R. Fisher, Internet Entrepreneur, President of

    "Protecting and growing your business can come down to using the law wisely. Patents are one such example where you MUST understand the process to save yourself time, money, and avoid risking your valuable ideas! Rich's book is a step-by-step, very complete guide to what you need to know about patents, and your intellectual property. Understanding this can not only increase the value of your business���but it may make the difference of whether you stay in business. I highly recommend it!"
    ���Pam Ragland, CEO of Aiming Higher

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