Family Advocate Summer 2015: Vol. 38, No 1

    Family Advocate Summer 2015: Vol. 38, No 1

    Family Advocate Summer 2015: Vol. 38, No 1

    This client issue of Family Advocate focuses on the time separated or divorced parents spend with their children. The kinds of problems that may rise and how to handle them.

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    ·         Parental Communication  How to talk with one another By Jeffrey Zimmerman & Lauren Behrman


    ·         Whose Time Is It Anyway? How to develop a sensible parenting plan for parents and their children By Ronald W. Nelson


    ·         Divorce and Parent-Child Boundaries How to help your child navigate the breakup By Robert A. Simon


    ·         When You Can’t Be There in Person Virtual visitation can open a door into your child’s world By Christina S. Glenn & Denise Hallmark


    ·         Still Part of the Family? How divorce affects a child’s relationship with grandparents,

    ·         uncles, aunts, and cousins By Richard S. Victor


    ·         Life Changes After the Divorce How to be positive, flexible, and supportive—even

    ·         when you don’t feel like it By Philip M. Stahl


    ·         When Visitation Goes Awry By Jonathan W. Gould & Nicki B. Fisher


    ·         Children Who “Lose” a Parent Advice from the experts on successful reunification By Jan B. Gilman-Tepper & Sandra Morgan Little


    ·         Creative Post divorce Problem-Solving By Joan H. McWilliams


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