The Lawyer's Light

    By Kevin Chandler

    The Lawyer's Light

    The Lawyer's Light

    By Kevin Chandler

    This book, filled with 365 quotes and meditations - from judges, lawyers, and elder statesmen, aims to address the feelings and issues confronted by lawyers that are recovering.
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    "...the program works if we work the program."

    Kevin Chandler brings to light the various feelings that attorneys, who are going through recovery, may face.  This book, providing daily meditations for one year, offers comfort and providing reassurance to other attorneys who may be dealing with a similar situation. An inspirational collection of quotes and thoughts that serve as a reminder that you are not alone in the journey.

    A sample daily meditation:

    January 1
    The ordinary acts we practice every day at home are of more importance to the soul than their simplicity might suggest. ~Thomas More

    Many attorneys are self-proclaimed workaholics. In spite of our grumbling about being overworked, stressed, and under endless deadlines, the firm or office is still a daily routine by which we've become defined. How many times have we felt a sense of relief when a vacation is over so we can return to the office and catch up? Seems odd, doesn’t it? It is, and there are many problems with this mind-set. In practical terms, it hampers our ability to relax and recharge. We feel out of sorts, irritable, or anxious when not at work. More important, if we have made ourselves strictly the hunter and gatherer of the household, we are often shortchanging our families. Have you ever thought to yourself, "All I am is a walking ATM"?

    The practice of law is a good job - in fact, most think it a great job. It can be and often is. But our spirit and soul are also nourished by stepping out of our lawyer uniforms at home. We have to learn to just "be around" with our spouses, partners, and children, doing not much of anything. Reducing the emphasis of "our job" at home allows us to grow spiritually and strengthens the loving bond with those who we care about most.

    I am so grateful to have a home to return to after work, and will allow myself the comforting times being with my loved ones, leaving the office at the office.

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