Handbook of Export Controls and Economic Sanctions

    By Kay Corrinne Georgi and Paul M Lalonde

    Handbook of Export Controls and Economic Sanctions

    Handbook of Export Controls and Economic Sanctions

    By Kay Corrinne Georgi and Paul M Lalonde

    This fascinating book, written by a distinguished international group of scholars, marks the 800th anniversary of the sealing of the Magna Carta with an exploration of its background and the profound impact it has had on various important issues and the rule of law.
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    Export controls and economic sanctions increasingly affect the day-to-day business operations across the globe. No company with cross-border operations or even a multinational workforce is immune from their application or can afford to ignore these laws. Though once a relatively esoteric area of legal practice, controls over the export of goods, technology, and services now represent a basic element of corporate compliance whether your client is involved in import/export activity, mergers & acquisitions, joint ventures, licensing agreements, distribution contracts, or banking and finance transactions.

    This book is intended as an overview of this complex and dynamic body of law. It proves to be a valuable resource to both seasoned and novice practitioners alike, providing a thorough and practical guide that can assist counsel and compliance professionals in identifying the myriad issues, navigating the rules, and managing clients' risks in the challenging but fascinating area of export controls and economic sanctions law.

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