The Lawyer's Guide to Dangerous Dog Issues

    Edited by Joan E Schaffner

    The Lawyer's Guide to Dangerous Dog Issues

    The Lawyer's Guide to Dangerous Dog Issues

    Edited by Joan E Schaffner

    This book will guide you through ordinances targeting reckless owners, the concept of canine profiling, the constitutionality of breed-specific legislation, enforcing and defending dangerous dog laws, and information on dangerous dog registries and hearings.
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    This one-of-a-kind book discusses the handling of "dangerous dogs" by the law and private associations. Today, many dogs are deemed dangerous, not on the traits of the individual animal, but by breed alone. The authors explain why breed discrimination is immoral, unfair, and ineffective, and discuss progressive approaches to better handle reckless owners and their dogs, and share strategies for prosecuting and defending dangerous dog cases. Topics include:

    • An overview of ordinances targeting reckless owners
    • The concept of canine profiling
    • The constitutionality of breed-specific legislation
    • Enforcing and defending dangerous dog laws
    • Information on dangerous dog registries and hearings
    • How to effectively use witnesses in your case, including victims, animal control officers, physicians and animal behaviorists
    • Homeowners insurance and dog ownership
    • Breed discrimination by homeowner associations and zoning boards
    This focused book will help you be ready to address issues that arise in practice and keep you informed in one aspect of the rapidly expanding field of animal law.

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    6/5/2009 12:00:00 AM

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