CGL/Builder's Risk Monograph

    CGL/Builder's Risk Monograph

    CGL/Builder's Risk Monograph

    Surety bonds and insurance policies are provided on virtually every construction project of any substantial size. This book examines the relationship between construction-related insurance policies and contract surety bonds, the scope of CGL coverage, builder's risk policies, project management protective liability coverage, and practical considerations for the surety in seeking to secure coverage through the principal's insurance policies.
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    This monograph is intended as a resource for surety claims professionals and others involved in surety claims, who may lack a sophisticated knowledge of insurance coverage issues. This monograph provides a general overview of the differences between surety bonds and insurance coverages, the types of insurance coverages that typically cover construction-related losses, and the contexts in which these coverages may overlap. Also discussed:

    • Coverage afforded by commercial general liability policies - third party coverage for property damage
    • Coverage afforded by builder's risk policies - first party coverage for property damage
    • Coverage afforded by project management protective liability ("PMPL") policies - coverage which consolidates otherwise separate third party liability policies for owners, architects, cont4ractors, and construction managers
    • Practical pointers for filing and shepherding insurance claims under any of the above-referenced coverages

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