RFIDs, Near-Field Communications, and Mobile Payments: A Guide for Lawyers

    By Candace M Jones, Sarah Jane Hughes, and Stephen Middlebrook

    RFIDs, Near-Field Communications, and Mobile Payments: A Guide for Lawyers

    RFIDs, Near-Field Communications, and Mobile Payments: A Guide for Lawyers


    ISBN: 978-1-62722-125-2
    Product Code: 5070672
    2013, 558 pages, 6x9

    Apple Pay’s launch makes near-field and mobile payments easier than ever before. More than 200,000 retailers in the U.S. already have near-field readers ready to assist their customers with Apple Pay payments.  This cutting-edge and valuable guide, written by expert cyberspace law practitioners, covers regulation in the U.S. and abroad and divergent regimes for the protection of consumers’ privacy with regard to this new technology that many companies have adopted.

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    Lawyers who advise companies using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) devices or developing apps or managing data from RFIDs and other Near-Field Communications (NFCs) will need to keep pace with legal and regulatory developments from many quarters within and outside the United States. Expert cyberspace law practitioners have ventured into uncharted legal and conceptual territory to advance the understanding of transactions in and affecting radio frequency identification, near-field communications, and mobile payments. The result is this cutting-edge book that will benefit lawyers and academics in explaining the basic issues, technology, and its application to others.

    This valuable resource includes such diverse topics as:
    - spectrum-regulation in the U.S. and abroad,
    - divergent regimes for the protection of consumers' privacy in the United States, Canada, the European Union, and India,
    - the potential intrusiveness of RFID technology in specialized settings, including government-issued identification documents such as passports and in retail stores,
    - the security of the data stored in or derived from RFIDs as a subset of generalized and specialty data-security concerns,
    - the integrity of data held in or transmitted by RFIDs, and
    - the already-present Internet of Things" as a companion to the Internet as most of us have known it.

    Data gathered by mobile and RFID applications and the increasing use of the Internet by businesses and individuals via mobile phones and tablets bring up some special issues in consumer privacy, data-gathering, and non or partial disclosure of data-gathering by mobile app providers and the entities who take mobile payments. These are important issues for lawyers to recognize who represent decision- and policymakers in this specialized field.

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