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    The Fundamentals of Counterterrorism Law

    Edited by Lynne K Zusman

    The Fundamentals of Counterterrorism Law

    The Fundamentals of Counterterrorism Law

    Edited by Lynne K Zusman

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    ISBN: 978-1-62722-365-2
    Product Code: 5010078EBK
    2014, 370 pages

    Explore the relationship between the law and the U.S. fight against terrorism with The Fundamentals of Counterterrorism Law.  This book covers the historical aspects of counterterrorism and also sets the foundation of understanding this dynamic area of law - by taking analysis of counterterrorism law to the next level.


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    The newest title to focus on a relevant and recurring topic, The Fundamentals of Counterterrorism Law dives into the basic legal framework surrounding the many parts of dealing with terrorism - covering such critical topics of international investigations, national security law, ethics, privatization, drones, cyberterrorism and much more. Written by experts in the field of terrorism, these authors offer an astounding view into the current laws and justification for the governmental responses stemming from the September 11, 2001 attacks.


     -Prologue The New Griffin of War (Major Shane R. Reeves & Major Robert E. Barnsby)
     - I FBI Domestic and Foreign Counterterrorism Operations (Robert M. Blitzer)
     - II FBI International Investigations: Benghazi, Libya (Thomas V. Fuentes)
     - III Terrorism’s Threat to Cities Large and Small (Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly)
     - IV What is the Mission? Why is Countering Terrorism So Difficult? (Lt. Colonel Tania M.Chacho and  Brig. General (retired) Michael J. Meese)
     - V Lawyers, the Courts, and Military Commissions (Peter R. Masciola, Christopher L. Kannady, and Michel D. Paradis)
     - VI Military Commissions: A National Security and Justice Institution for Our Time (Mark S. Martins and
          Edward S. White)
     - VII Pulling the Purse Strings Tight: Use of Funding Restriction to Limit Executive Prerogatives Regarding the Guantanamo Bay Facility (Mark Toole)
     - VIII Presidential Usurpation or Congressional Abdication: An Alternative View of Legislative-Executive Relations and the Power to Go to War (Paul S. Rundquist)
     - IX A Legal Ethics Primer for National Security Lawyers (Michael Noone)
     - X A Broad Overview of the Law of Armed Conflict in the Age of Terror (Major Shane R. Reeves and  Captain David Lai)
     - XI Privatizing the War on Terror: The Legal and Policy Challenges of Outsourcing America’s  Counterterrorism Fight to Private Military, Security and Intelligence Contractors Colonel David Wallace
     - XII “A Game of Drones”: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and Unsettled Legal Questions (Maritza S. Ryan)
     - XIII Counterterrorism Operations, International Law, and the Debate Over the Use of Lethal Force (James W. Zirkle)
     - XIV The Advent of Preventive War in Counterterrorism: Are We Playing By New International Rules?  (Michael J. Davidson and Gregory M. Huckabee)
     - XV Cyberterrorism (Thomas A. Marks and Rodney S. Azama)
     - XVI Demystifying Terrorist Financing (Jeffrey Breinholt)
     - XVII On the Front Lines of the Home Front: The Intersection of Domestic Counterterrorism Operations and Drone Legislation (Colonel Dawn M.K. Zoldi)
     - Epilogue The Laws of Counterterrorism: What’s Next?—An Epilogue (W. George Jameson)

    "The ABA's latest installment of its counterterrorism law series, The Fundamentals of Counterterrorism Law (ABA Press 2014), has a particular resonance for national security practitioners and policymakers alike as we face a renewed and expanding threat of terrorism.  As America and its allies confront the national security threat posed by the nascent terrorist state that ISIS seeks to establish in the Middle East, the direct threat posed by the broadening scope of domestic radicalization, and the continued homeland threat from al Qaeda and its allies, the takeaways and guidance provided by the esteemed authors represented in the volume including Ray Kelly, the former police commissioner of New York and Gen. Mark Martins, the chief prosecutor of military commissions, will serve as terrific resource for those in government and the private sector confronted with the challenge of addressing these threats, including lawyers and non-lawyers alike."

    Jamil N. Jaffer
    Former Associate Counsel to President George W. Bush and current Director, Homeland and National Security Law Program, George Mason University School of Law

    This second ABA publication on the law of counterterrorism drills even deeper into previously covered subjects and also broadens the topics addressed to ensure thorough treatment of the most topical legal subject in the early 21st century.  Editor Zusman has recruited and coordinated an impressive array of subject matter experts from academe, the military, the intelligence community and law enforcement to compile a research tool of inestimable value to practitioners as well as the most serious students of counterterrorism law.”

    John D. Altenburg, Jr.
    Former Deputy Judge Advocate General, Major General, U.S. Army, Retired

    If knowledge is power, The Fundamentals of Counterterrorism Law” is a primer for those wanting to learn about a new phenomenon.  In addition, undergraduate and graduate political science or law students concerned with national security will find new perspectives on a burgeoning international and national crisis.  The rules in law matter and this soft cover text introduces the reader to FBI domestic and counterterrorism operations, CT threats to urban areas, military commissions, executive prerogatives, drones, cyberterrorism, new international law rules, and so much more.” 
    Gregory M. Huckabee
    U.S. Army Judge Advocate (ret.)
    Former faculty member of the U.S. Military Academy Dept. of Law, West Point, NY and Distinguished Visiting Professor U.S. Air Force Academy Dept. of Law, Colorado Springs, CO



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