50 Unique Legal Paths

    By Ursula Furi-Perry

    50 Unique Legal Paths

    50 Unique Legal Paths

    By Ursula Furi-Perry

    One of the best-kept secrets about the law degree is its versatility. Few degrees can match the 600 career tracks that can be followed. From banking to criminal justice, to education and ethics and compliance, this book takes a look at multiple opportunities.

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    Today's world requires increased flexibility, and a law degree can provide diverse career choices and many legal paths that still allow you to impact the lives of countless people through your work. This thorough, easy-to-use handbook focuses on the wide variety of job options for law graduates.

    In addition to non-practicing legal positions, you'll find the ten booming practice areas for attorneys, as well as some unique positions outside the legal field for which the JD degree is a natural fit--many of which you may have never considered! This is not a book just about non-attorney positions in the law or about shunning the law altogether. From banking to criminal justice, from education to ethics and compliance, the job market is ripe with opportunity for JD's--and this book has them all. Most importantly, the book includes insight and advice from successful attorneys and law graduates who have carved out fulfilling careers while involved in their profession.

    You'll also discover how each person got their great position (sometimes rather unexpectedly) through a series of career changes and decisions. In addition, the book contains a wealth of resources, online and elsewhere, to help you gather all the facts and put them to work for you. This engaging book will inspire you to set out on a journey of your own towards the career that will prove to be your perfect fit! If you are considering a career in law, if you have your degree and haven't made up your mind, or are considering a career change, this is the perfect book to read.

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