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    Preparing for Trial: 60 Days and Counting

    By Bruce W Felmly

    Preparing for Trial: 60 Days and Counting

    Preparing for Trial: 60 Days and Counting

    By Bruce W Felmly

    In these days of the "vanishing trial," when there are fewer opportunities to learn from the masters, this book is an invaluable guide for trial lawyers needing to focus, prioritize, and prepare for that morning when they alone will say, "Ready, Your Honor." Preparing for Trial demonstrates how to systematize your approach to the final weeks before trial to assure there are no loose ends in your case, and to limit the stress of a very demanding time.

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    Whether one is counsel for plaintiff or the defense, in a larger case or a smaller one, the essential process of preparation in the final months before trial is the same, notwithstanding the fact that every case is unique, every court has different rules, and every judge has personal preferences. In recent years, detailed trial rules have proliferated in our jurisdictions, just as the tolerance of courts and judges for ignorance (or knowing non-compliance) of those rules has lessened. When these facts are coupled with client expectations, there is precious little room for "learning by doing" in preparing a case for trial.

    Peppered with personal anecdotes that demonstrate the author's humanity, Bruce Felmly advocates that meticulous, exhaustive preparation will get you through. Preparation for trial will help you withstand the pressure, stress, and exhaustion of the process, but also sustain you in the times that you lose, knowing you did the absolute best that you could. The methods and tactics explained in this book will make your experiences more successful and satisfying.

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