Grid Futures and Power Options

    Grid Futures and Power Options

    Grid Futures and Power Options

    Grid Futures and Power Options
    Recorded on November 30, 2017

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    Section of Environment, Energy, and Resources, and the Section's Committees on Energy Infrastructure, Siting, and Reliability; Energy Markets and Finance Committee; Renewable, Alternative and Distributed Energy Resources Committee; Government and Private Sector Innovations;  Hydro Power; Alternative Dispute Resolution; Science and Technology; Air Quality; Climate Change, Sustainable Development and Ecosystems; International Environmental & Resource Law Committee; Native American Resources; and its Special Committee on Environmental Justice.

    Program Overview:
    DOE's Grid Resiliency Pricing Rule NOPR compels a larger and longer term focus on how the accelerating rate of technological possibilities created by distributed generation , "smart" energy integration and new consumer product interfaces are triggering grid modernization and options for its institutional structure.
    DOE's comprehensive study on "Grid Modernization" and its Advisory Committee Study on "High Penetration of Electric Storage" set the stage by delineating four markedly different scenarios for the achievement through grid management of reliability, flexibility and resiliency, depending on the ultimate consequences of the interplay of market innovative forces and policy decisions, i.e. whether there will be some form of greater or more loosely integrated system  for the design and operation of the electric grid.

    That discussion and the resultant decision-making is only now beginning. Grid modernization will the provide the backdrop and the source of multiple specific issues which lawyers and policy-makers will be called on to deal with over the coming years. The discussion will inevitably converge with important sustainability and security policy issues as well.

    Nothing less than the profile of the American economy may be affected. To very loosely paraphrase Churchill, we shape our laws for infrastructure, and then our infrastructure shapes our entire lives.

    This Webinar’s discussion of grid modernization will begin to provide the context which enables lawyers to identify the important legal issues which will be resolved through that process. Its panel of experts will bring different perspectives and provide a broad foundation for future exploration of the implications of the multiple currents flowing through grid modernization and yielding different possible grid futures.

    Roger D. Feldman, Andrews, Kurth Kenyon LLP., Co-Chair, American Bar Association Committee on Energy Infrastructure Siting and Reliability, Washington, DC

    Lisa Frantzis, Senior Vice President, 21st Century Advanced Energy Economy, Washington, DC
    Tanuj Deora, Executive Vice President & Chief Content Officer, Smart Electric Power Alliance, Washington, DC
    James Gallagher, Executive Director, New York Smart Grid Consortium, New York, NY

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    Grid Futures and Power Options

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