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    Insights on Law & Society: Law & the Common Good (Vol.11-No.1)

    Insights on Law & Society: Law & the Common Good (Vol.11-No.1)

    Insights on Law & Society: Law & the Common Good (Vol.11-No.1)

    Insights on Law & Society: Law & the Common Good
    Volume 11, no. 1, Fall 2010

    Insights on Law & Society is one-stop reading for teachers of law, civics, government, or social studies. Each issue takes on a topic, then provides articles written by experts in the field, as well as teaching ideas for incorporating the content into the classroom. Also in each issue, popular features such as Perspectives, which presents an issue from multiple views; and Profile, which offers a quick interview with a figure, provide additional instructional support.

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    Insights on Law & Society: Law & the Common Good
    Volume 11, no. 1, Fall 2010

    This 32-page issue of Insights includes:

    Life, Law, and the Common Good

    Amy Swiffen sketches four views of determining the balance between law?s role within society to protect both the common good and individual rights.


    ?This one I will spate, and that one I will smite?: World War I, the Regulation of Speech, and the Emergence of Modern Civil Liberties

    Yohuru Williams traces how the Supreme Court developed standards for free speech?from ?clear and

    present danger? to ?imminent lawless action.?


    Healthy People, Healthy Places: How to Have a Healthy Life, Community, and Country

    Lawrence O. Gostin presents an action plan for public health as well as examples of how law is used to influence individual health decisions.


    Perspectives: Should Mandatory Voting Laws Be Implemented in the United States?

    Vassia Stoilov and Norman Ornstein debate the implementation of compulsory, or mandatory, federal voting laws in the United States. What effect would such laws have on voter turnout, democracy, and civic engagement?


    Students in Action: Future Civic Leaders?Providing Young People with the Tools to Make a Difference Colleen Danz highlights the Civic Connect Program, the high school program from Future Civic Leaders that equips underserved students with tools for civic engagement.


    Learning Gateways: Who Owns That Song?

    This lesson from the American Bar Association Division for Public Education asks students to consider

    how intellectual property laws affect them every day and contribute to the common good.


    Law Review: The New World of Campaign Finance

    Charles F. Williams explores the campaign landscape in the wake of Citizens United v. Federal

    Elections Commission.

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