Family Advocate Fall 2012: Vol. 35, No. 2

    Family Advocate Fall 2012: Vol. 35, No. 2

    Family Advocate Fall 2012: Vol. 35, No. 2

    Consumer demand for limited-scope has grown, and the ways in which those limited-scope services may be defined and provided have also evolved. In many states, there are new provisions or changes to the ethical and/or procedural rules designed to protect both consumers and lawyers.

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    The authors of this issue of Family Advocate provide detailed and varied discussions of the dos and don'ts as well as a variety of options lawyers may offer consumers who don't want or don't need traditional full-service representation.

    Articles include:

    • Unbundling--What is it? -- Stephanie Kimbro
    • Unbundled Legal Services Today--And Predictions for the Future -- Forrest S. Mosten
      * 25 Tips for Starting an Unbundled Peacemaking Practice
      * Take the Quiz: Is Unbundling Right for You?
      * Top 10 Tips for Using an Unbundled Approach
    • Making the Limited-Scope Relationship Work -- Kevin M. P. O'Grady
    • Unbundling and the Lawyer's Duty of Care -- Will Hornsby
    • Limited Scope & Lawyer Liability: How courts view the laywer's role in unbundling -- Alexander R. Rothrock
      * Modern Examples of Unbundling
    • Cooperative or Collaborative Practice Models: Using ADR to Meet Clients' Needs for Unbundling -- Tara L. Smith Ruesga
    • Joining Forces with Co-counsel: Nurturing the relationship between lawyer and consultant, advisor, or trial attorney -- Timothy M. Tippins
      * Sample Engagement Letter

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