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    The Railway Labor Act, 2022 Update

    Edited by Douglas Ward Hall and Marcus C Migliore

    The Railway Labor Act, 2022 Update

    The Railway Labor Act, 2022 Update

    Edited by Douglas Ward Hall and Marcus C Migliore

    The Railway Labor Act is a resource on the structure and case law of the Railway Labor Act (RLA), incorporating the perspectives of management, unions, and neutrals. It includes vital background on the federal labor law of railways and airlines and references to more than 1,200 cases and is designed to maximize the effectiveness of negotiators or advocates.

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    The Railway Labor Act, because of its self-explanatory title, we can only assume you have picked this up because of your interest in gaining further understanding of the Railway Labor Act (RLA) and the National Mediation Board (NMB), the government agency responsible for administering the RLA. In all modesty, we think you have come to the right place.

    This treatise is the product of collaboration among the leading management, union, government, and neutral practitioners in this field, and analyzes exhaustively the broad spectrum of issues that arise under the RLA, including: the statutory rights and obligations that exist when employees do not have a collective bargaining representative; the process of obtaining representation rights under the RLA; the distinction between, and the resolution of, major and minor disputes once a collective bargaining relationship has been established; the collective bargaining process under the RLA; the extent of the RLA's status quo obligations and its limitations on the exercise of economic self-help and changes to terms and conditions of employment; and the relationship among the RLA and other federal and state statutes, regulations, and common law causes of action. The treatise also discusses the legislative history of the RLA and the similarities and differences between that statute and the other major private-sector labor statute, the National Labor Relations Act.

    This treatise is a product of the unique collaborative approach involving labor, management, and neutral practitioners that the RLA bar has long been famous for, and we think it shows in the product.

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