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    Hot Tips for Tech

    By Chad E Burton, Stephen E Embry, and Billie Tarascio

    Hot Tips for Tech

    Hot Tips for Tech

    By Chad E Burton, Stephen E Embry, and Billie Tarascio

    An invaluable guide showcasing the latest tools available to lawyers through AI - tools which can transform your practice.

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    In recent years, rapid acceleration of AI has again disrupted the established technology. For example, AI driven legal research tools such as Co-counsel by Casetext will analyze contracts, search large sets of documents, and create legal briefs on inquiries. CaseText was recently purchased by Westlaw for 650 million dollars. Products like Liquid Text, which allow the practitioner to search hundreds of documents for key words and allow the reader to gather those hits by expanding and collapsing the view, annotate documents and note sections, which are anchored to the source, have made substantial improvements in productivity and quality of work.

    In order to maintain their knowledge and skills, a lawyer must keep abreast of changes in the law and its practice, including the benefits and risks associated with relevant technology.

    Utilizing AI technologies is not without risks, as New York attorneys Steven Schwartz and Peter LoDuca learned when they were sanctioned $5,000 for producing briefing filled with non-existent case citations. The pair failed to verify the cases "hallucinated" by Chat GPT and earned infamy.

    We all simply must know more about this rapid innovation in the field of law. Hot Tips for Tech will inform and transform readers with our Hot Tips project, all to our mutual benefit.

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