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    Fundamentals of Intellectual Property Law (E-Book)

    By Stephen McJohn and Lorie M Graham

    Fundamentals of Intellectual Property Law (E-Book)

    Fundamentals of Intellectual Property Law (E-Book)

    By Stephen McJohn and Lorie M Graham

    Written as an accessible introduction to IP law for undergraduate students, this absorbing book serves as a broad and complete survey of intellectual property law and all it applications. This lavishly illustrated, four-color book covers the law, of course, but it is equally about authors, artists, inventors, and entrepreneurs--and how intellectual property law affects them.

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    This clear and colorful introduction to intellectual property gives the lay of the land, examining the fundamental pillars of copyrights, patents, and trademarks, as well as more far-reaching topics like international and internet intellectual property, and indigenous people and IP. Not meant to be a book for lawyers or law students, it uses entertaining examples and provocative questions to explain the precepts and encourage more exploration.

    • Are Neanderthal genes patentable?
    • May a fan write Harry Potter 8?
    • Could shut down Amazon Books, a women���s bookstore?
    • Is there copyright in a student���s class paper?
    • Could a new rapper style herself M&M without infringing on the other rapper or the candy in a wrapper?

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