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    Wage and Hour Laws A State-by-State Survey, Third Edition

    Edited by Charles P Yezbak III, Jeremy J Glenn, Leslie Stout-Tabackman, Loren Donnell, Robyn B Klinger, et al.

    Wage and Hour Laws A State-by-State Survey, Third Edition

    Wage and Hour Laws A State-by-State Survey, Third Edition

    Edited by Charles P Yezbak III, Jeremy J Glenn, Leslie Stout-Tabackman, Loren Donnell, Robyn B Klinger, et al.

    Wage and Hour Laws: A State-by-State Survey covers wage and hour and mandatory leave laws in all 50 states, plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, allowing practitioners to quickly find the information they need and compare laws in different states.

    Publication Date: 2020

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    Wage and Hour Laws: A State-by-State Survey provides a thorough and complete analysis of the individual wage and hour laws, wage payment laws, and common law wage actions that are used throughout the nation.

    Its state-by-state analysis includes coverage of:

    • Minimum wage and overtime laws
    • Timing, place, and manner of payments to employees
    • Mandatory payments in addition to overtime, such as shift differentials and reimbursement for tools and uniforms
    • Prohibitions on hours worked and mandatory leave, such as the requirement to provide paid sick leave
    • Child labor
    • Recordkeeping/posting requirements
    • Occupations with special rules, such as those in public safety
    • Common law theories to recover unpaid wages, defenses, and remedies
    • Enforcement and remedies of workers statutory protections, including injunctions, and private and state enforcement actions
    • Special litigation issues, such as the availability of Rule 23 class actions, double or treble damages, and attorney?s fees and costs.

    In addition, the Third Edition updates, sections on fluctuating workweeks, gap time pay, the treatment of mandatory service charges in the payment of tipped employees, Portal-to-Portal acts, mandatory paid sick leave laws, and the varying state laws defining joint employment and independent contractors.

    Highlights including:

    • Minimum wage law changes in a number of states
    • Amendment to the Illinois Wage Payment and Collection Act
    • New section on Equal Pay Act in Indiana
    • Kentucky?s treatment of on-call time
    • Enactment of the Maryland Healthy Working Families Act
    • Treatment of bonus and commission payments under North Carolina law
    • Independent contractor status under Vermont?s unemployment compensation act

    Each State Chapter Addresses:

    • Overview of State Law and Regulation
    • Operations and Functions of the State Administrative Agency
    • Minimum Wage and Overtime Laws
    • Timing, Place, and Manner of Payments
    • Payments and Leave in Addition to Minimum Wage and Overtime
    • Prohibitions on Hours Worked
    • Occupations With Special Rules
    • Child Labor
    • Recordkeeping, Posting, and Notice Requirements
    • Enforcement and Remedies
    • Common Law Causes of Action
    • Retaliation
    • Special Litigation Issues

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