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    Joint Tenancies: Property Leasing in Cannabis Commerce

    Joint Tenancies: Property Leasing in Cannabis Commerce

    Joint Tenancies: Property Leasing in Cannabis Commerce

    Joint Tenancies remains the only work inviting careful thought about the commercial landlord���s risk
    and reward scenarios in leasing to marijuana businesses. 
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    This book is not legal advice delivered or offered to anyone. Instead, Joint Tenancies seeks to teach readers about issues to take to heart in the Cannabis industry real estate leasing process and to be successful in doing so. Toward the end of Joint Tenancies, some forms are included that offer ideas for how a landlord might treat this type of transaction. Using these forms, or anything like them, won���t guarantee that a landlord avoids forfeiture or personal criminal prosecution if that landlord veers off the regulatory rails. Any potential commercial landlord must proceed with extreme caution. Part of that process is to obtain competent legal advice from an experienced attorney in the local community.

    Inside this book readers will find sound advice, for example, "Landlords should not be seduced by potential rent rewards and ignore risk factors like losing the property���s insurance coverage. Early-warning signals to landlords will come from the office of the state���s U.S. Attorney or local DEA officials in each state. Landlords must read these signals so that they make informed decisions before signing any lease proposal."

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