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    The New Entertainment Industry: Finding Artistic and Commercial Success

    By Richard Warren Rappaport

    The New Entertainment Industry: Finding Artistic and Commercial Success

    The New Entertainment Industry: Finding Artistic and Commercial Success

    By Richard Warren Rappaport

    This re-release is updated with additional information regarding the artistic, business and legal aspects of the industry through interviews with some of the most prominent entertainment attorneys in the country.
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    The New Entertainment Industry: Finding Artistic and Commercial Success is about finding artistic and commercial success within the new entertainment industry. It was written for anyone who is involved within the industry and the world of motion pictures, television, music, the literary arts, fashion and modeling, the visual arts and the fine arts, or any other area of the creative arts. Covering all major genres of entertainment, it presents a unique overview of the artistic, business, and legal aspects of the industry.

    To accomplish this, it provides in-depth interviews with some of the most prominent attorneys in the country practicing in entertainment law, including entertainment-related transactions and litigation, corporate law, tax law, trust and estate law, accounting, and wealth management and preservation. It also provides interviews of experienced industry professionals who are producers, actors, screenwriters, novelists, musicians, vocalists, songwriters, choreographers, comediennes, photographers, visual artists, personalities, hosts and spokespersons, literary managers, talent managers, acting coaches, former agents, editors, specialists in marketing and promotion, publicists, motivational psychologists, and others in the world of entertainment. Taken together, the interviews provide a sense of the intricate texture and fascinating mosaic that constitutes the entertainment industry, as seen by Hollywood insiders who discuss the delicate balance between artistry and commercialism on the path to success within the industry. This book is for all those who work in the world of entertainment, including attorneys practicing in entertainment, arts and sports law, media law, the law of the Internet, communications law, intellectual property law, and corporate and international law, who are involved in advising clients in the expanding world of the entertainment industry, both domestically and internationally.

    It is also for producers, directors, cinematographers, agents, actors, screenwriters, novelists, musicians, vocalists, songwriters, composers, personalities, hosts, spokespersons, models, visual artists, personal managers, business managers, literary managers, writing coaches, editors, publicists, undergraduate, graduate, or law students, and anyone who has a serious artistic and professional interest in the industry.

    Praise for The New Entertainment Industry

    For anyone who wants to understand the creative essence of artistry and find true success in the new entertainment industry.”
    Producer Mark W. Koch (Lost in Space and The Perfect Game), Prelude Pictures, West Palm Beach and Los Angeles

    “Everything you need to navigate Hollywood waters.”
    Producer and Literary Manager Ken Atchity (Life or Something Like It, The Madam’s Family, Hysteria), Atchity Entertainment International, Los Angeles

    Required reading and an inspiration for those pursuing a career in film, television, music, and the new media.”
    Pat Quinn, Quinn Media Management, Los Angeles; Adjunct Faculty, Dodge College of Film and Media Arts, Chapman University

    A unique and refreshing approach to the complexity of the entertainment industry.”
    Peter Dekom, Esq., A Law Corporation, Los Angeles

    Read this book and don’t turn back! It is a practical guide to making dreams come true as you follow your passion in the entertainment industry.”
    Laurel G. Bellows, Esq., The Bellows Law Group, Chicago; President, American Bar Association (2012-13)

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