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    The Advisor's Guide to Disability Insurance

    By Tamra L Barraclough, Erik T Reynolds, and R David Watros

    The Advisor's Guide to Disability Insurance

    The Advisor's Guide to Disability Insurance

    By Tamra L Barraclough, Erik T Reynolds, and R David Watros

    This comprehensive guide provides an overview of disability insurance, as well as detailed information about individual long-term disability insurance, group long-term disability, underwriting, regulations, the advisor's role, and much more.
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    It may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but disability insurance may represent the most important financial product that individuals need during their working years. Generating an income from work is the foundation for all financial planning, allowing individuals to maintain their lifestyle as well as plan for future retirement. The Advisor's Guide to Disability Insurance is a clear, concise, and approachable guide that helps attorneys and other financial professionals understand the opportunities and benefits of disability insurance for their clients as well as for themselves and their families.

    This book presents information on disability insurance with a long-term duration until retirement, beginning with the basics and an overview of the different types of disability. Subsequent chapters address key topics in greater depth:

    • Individual and group long-term disability
    • Integrated group and individual plans
    • Underwriting the disability risk
    • Filing a claim under different policy types
    • Employment/shareholder agreements
    • Evaluating and selecting a disability insurance carrier
    • Regulations and relevant benefit laws
    • Income protection planning and how it will evolve in the future
    • The role the advisor plays in planning
    • Sample planning situations, and more

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