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    Careers in IP Law: Avenues and Opportunities (ebook)

    Careers in IP Law: Avenues and Opportunities (ebook)

    Careers in IP Law: Avenues and Opportunities (ebook)

    Sharing real-world advice from the experts in intellectual property law, this book helps both students and those who are changing careers by providing detailed information on different IP practice areas, including patent, trademark, copyright, trade secrets, and new media. This to-the-point guide focuses on employment opportunities, addressing proven, career-related resources and relevant publications.
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    With advice from a range of expert intellectual property practitioners, Careers in IP Law provides readers with a "day-in-the-life" guide as they share their experience as IP attorneys. This book is written to help students and those who are changing careers, and provides detailed information on different practice areas: patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret, and new media. Careers in IP Law focuses on employment opportunities, including a listing of proven career-related resources and relevant publications.

    Table of Contents

    • Getting Your Feet Wet: An Introduction to Intellectual Property Law and Practice
    • Get Ready, Get Set: Preparing to Practice Intellectual Property Law during Law School or Preparing to Make a Change as an Established Lawyer
    • Promoting the Progress of Science . . . Patent Law as a Specialty
    • And the Useful Arts: Copyright Law as a Specialty
    • What's in a Name?: Trademark Law as a Specialty
    • IP Goes Incognito: Trade Secret Law as a Specialty
    • What Now?: Common Intellectual Property Practice Areas
    • The Sky's the Limit: Employment Opportunities for Intellectual Property Lawyers
    • Lessons from the Trenches: Advice from Practitioners
    • Diving In: How to Get Involved in the ABA Section of Intellectual Property Law
    • Additional Sources of Information

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    4/1/2013 12:00:00 AM

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