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    Cross Border Real Estate Practice

    By Terry Selzer

    Cross Border Real Estate Practice

    Cross Border Real Estate Practice

    By Terry Selzer

    In a cross-border transaction, you will be guiding your client through unfamiliar waters to ensure they reach their destination safely. This comprehensive book covers the areas that anyone conducting cross-border real estate transactions or operating a cross-border real estate practice needs to know.

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    From the author's extensive experience in this area, the book discusses the preponderance of issues that are most important. Included is practical advice about selecting a property for investment, conducting due diligence, learning about and understanding cross-cultural differences, differences in language and challenges of translation, difference in legal procedures and practices, and negotiating cross-border transactions. Then, cross-border tax issues are discussed, along with some of the different types of agreements that are negotiated and drafted for cross-border real estate transactions. Finally, this book covers the closing of a transaction and registration of title to property.

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