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    Guidebook for Directors of Nonprofit Corporations, Third Edition

    Guidebook for Directors of Nonprofit Corporations, Third Edition

    Guidebook for Directors of Nonprofit Corporations, Third Edition

    A valuable reference for directors and prospective directors of big and small nonprofit corporations. This book includes practical suggestions and checklists and information on advisory boards, taxation, fund-raising, and much more.
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    The Guidebook for Directors of Nonprofit Organizations, Third Edition is a valuable reference book for directors and prospective directors of nonprofit corporations, from the smallest corporation that operates principally at a local or even neighborhood level, to the largest nonprofit corporation having operations that extend not only across the United States but internationally as well. Primarily written for the lay reader, it provides a description of general legal principles as they apply to nonprofit corporations and offers useful and practical suggestions and checklists. This book, written and edited by leading lawyers in the nonprofit industry, will assist directors of nonprofit corporations in performing their duties and providing an overall understanding of their role to the corporations they serve. Despite their variety of purposes, nonprofit corporations have many things in common. Although the size of the resources managed by nonprofit boards varies widely, their fundamental responsibilities are the same. This Guidebook aims to help directors of all nonprofit corporations, big and small, to use their resources to the greatest effect.

    Chapter 1: The Nonprofit Corporation and Its Directors: What They Do, How They Do It, and for Whom
    Chapter 2: Duties and Rights of Nonprofit Corporation Directors
    Chapter 3: Committees and Advisory Bodies
    Chapter 4: Taxation
    Chapter 5: Creating For-Profit Subsidiaries and Joint Ventures: Tax-Exemption and Other Issues
    Chapter 6: Nonprofits on the Internet: Fundraising, Selling Goods and Services, Lobbying, and Other Activities
    Chapter 7: Volunteers
    Chapter 8: Employees
    Chapter 9: Duties of Directors under Special Circumstances: Change of Control, Sale of Unique Assets, and Bankruptcy
    Chapter 10: Investments and Expenditures of Endowment Funds
    Chapter 11: Director Liability Risks and Protections
    Chapter 12: The Legal Environment of the Nonprofit Corporation
    Chapter 13: Director Orientation and Revitalization

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