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    Roadmaps - Problem Solving Courts (pdf)

    Roadmaps - Problem Solving Courts (pdf)

    Roadmaps - Problem Solving Courts (pdf)

    The number of specialized courts that seek innovative solutions to complex social problems faced by the courts has mushroomed during the last decade. As a group, these courts have been referred to as "problem solving courts," as they each target a specific class of offender, category of offense, geographic area, or type of issue.

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    Problem solving courts include drug courts, community courts, domestic violence courts, mental health courts, unified family courts, and many others. They were created to address problematic issues that have not been successfully dealt with by using conventional court processes. The judicial system as a whole is generally not known for its ready acceptance of widespread or significant change in its methods of operation. However, problem solving courts are demonstrating that it is possible to use the power of the justice system - coupled with innovative alliances and options - to improve outcomes for participants with seemingly disparate needs.

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