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    Formulas for Calculating Damages (ebook)

    By Mark Guralnick

    Formulas for Calculating Damages (ebook)

    Formulas for Calculating Damages (ebook)

    By Mark Guralnick

    This valuable resource contains numerous formulas which can be applied to thousands of case scenarios and used to add polish to presentations to mediators, arbitrators, judges and juries.
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    Lawyers spend more time mastering the peculiarities of language than of numbers, but a basic knowledge of arithmetic and algebra can lead to many useful strategies for the practice of law. Formulas for Calculating Damages draws from the fields of law, accounting, economics and statistics to provide a variety of formulas that help professionalize the practice of law, bolster the quality of advice provided to clients, and generate a more responsibly and skillfully presented case for damages. These formulas can be applied to thousands of case scenarios and used to informally estimate the value of a case, to negotiate or mediate settlements, or to prove damages in the course of a trial. However, they also serve many other purposes: deciding whether to accept or reject a case, whether to hire an employee or retain a contractor, whether or not to sell a business, etc.

    In 18 chapters, Formulas for Calculating Damages addresses basic rules and strategies--including calculating interest, measuring probability, the key rates of return and financial ratios--and introduces the most fundamental formulas, then applies those formulas to the major practice specialties: personal injury and wrongful death, business cases, employment law, real estate, environmental law, bankruptcy, intellectual property and family law.

    The last chapter provides a detailed examination of the retention of forensic experts and the top rules for using them strategically. Mark S. Guralnick shows you how to use these formulas to add a dose of precision lawyering to your case work-ups, settlement demands, expert witness preparation and cross examination, and presentations to mediators, arbitrators, judges and juries.

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