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    Private Equity and Venture Capital Solutions to Common and Uncommon Tax Issues

    By Ivan N Mitev

    Private Equity and Venture Capital Solutions to Common and Uncommon Tax Issues

    Private Equity and Venture Capital Solutions to Common and Uncommon Tax Issues

    By Ivan N Mitev

    This insightful manual is an essential reference on advising clients in private equity transactions for the law firm tax practitioner, accountants, and in-house tax counsel.

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    A significant number of tax issues come up in private equity and venture capital transactions, and the most essential skill of any practitioner working in this field is the ability to spot and then avoid or resolve these issues. The Private Equity and Venture Capital Tax Manual takes the form of a catalog of tax issues relate to private equity funds, listing the issue, describing the issue and its import, discussing some particularly pertinent authority, offering solutions, and enumerating some helpful reading sources. This insightful book is an essential reference for law firm tax practitioners, accountants, or in-house tax counsel in advising clients in private equity transactions. In it, you'll find valuable information on:
    • Issues at the fund level--these are issues at the time of forming a fund, investing in the fund, withdrawing money from the fund, or winding up the fund
    • Issues at the operating company level--these are issues when the fund invests in an operating company, lends money to an operating company, or unwinds its investment in the portfolio company
    • Issues peculiar to international inbound deals--when foreign or domestic funds invest in U.S. companies; the fund can have foreign investors, and have issues relevant to those investors.
    • Issues peculiar to international outbound deals--when domestic and foreign funds invest in foreign operating companies; a different set of issues arise and those are outlined and discussed separately
    You'll also find a section on non-federal income tax issues and an appendix with some common private equity fund provisions that will help practitioners in their drafting. If you're looking for a comprehensive handbook to navigate the thicket of rules and regulations that permeate this area of the law, this is an essential addition to your library.

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