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    A Playbook for Cyber Events, Second Edition

    A Playbook for Cyber Events, Second Edition

    A Playbook for Cyber Events, Second Edition

    ISBN: 9978-1-62722-885-5
    Product Code: 3550026PDF
    2014, 104 pages

    Organizations in the United States and around the world are increasingly at risk due to cyber threats as reliance on information technology (IT) systems grows.

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    Cyber threats have become more sophisticated, persistent, and ubiquitous as organizations of all sizes and in all sectors are targeted. The threat of cyber incidents triggers a wide range of business considerations ranging from litigation and regulatory compliance concerns to potential disruption of core business functions. Network, system, and data security, therefore, are not simply the concerns of IT professionals but require the involvement of all parts of an enterprise, including legal, operations, C-level executives and corporate boards. A Playbook for Cyber Events, Second Edition includes:
    • Tactics and strategies that lawyers, operators, business units, and technologists can leverage before a cyber event has occurred that will raise defenses and expedite an appropriate response
    • A discussion about the flow of information both inside and outside the company after an incident has occurred
    • A look at information sharing and the ways that threat information can be shared in an effective and legally compliant manner between and among private sector companies and government entities
    • A focus on responding to cyber threats, exploring the value of various options, and legal considerations for organizations that may wish to do something more forward-leaning in response to cyber threats.

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