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    Formal Opinion 88-356 December 16, 1988

    Formal Opinion 88-356 December 16, 1988

    Formal Opinion 88-356 December 16, 1988

    TEMPORARY LAWYERS (December 16, 1988)
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    TEMPORARY LAWYERS (December 16, 1988) In order to satisfy the requirements of the model rules and predecessor model code when a lawyer is engaged temporarily to work for clients of a law firm (including a corporate legal department), the lawyer and the firm must exercise care, in accordance with the guidelines in this opinion, to avoid conflicts of interest, to maintain confidentiality of information relating to the representation of clients, to disclose to clients the arrangement between the lawyer and the firm in some circumstances, and to comply with other applicable provisions of the rules and code. The use of a lawyer placement agency to obtain temporary lawyer services where the agency's fee is a proportion of the lawyer's compensation does not violate the Model Rules or predecessor Model Code as long as the professional independence of the lawyer is maintained without interference by the agency, the total fee paid by each client to the law firm is reasonable, and the arrangement otherwise is in accord with the guidelines in this opinion.

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    12/1/1988 12:00:00 AM

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