Real Estate Ethics - Part II (Audio Download)

    Real Estate Ethics - Part II (Audio Download)
    ETHICS 90 min

    Real Estate Ethics - Part II (Audio Download)

    Identifying, evaluating, and resolving conflicts is a regular part of the practice of law – it is impossible to avoid them, or for that matter, ignore them.  The manner in which conflicts are dealt with and resolved can vary, but two essentials are constant: the client must come first, and the conflicts must be handled in an ethical and consistent manner.  This two part webinar will focus on conflicts throughout the life cycle of an attorney-client representation and the related ethical duties imposed upon the lawyer.  

    Part 2 will focus on conflicts issues that arise during the course of a representation, as well as how to disengage from a representation and avoiding conflicts that can prevent future representation. 

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    Real Estate Ethics - Part II (Audio Download)

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