2015 RPTE Leasing Series: Session 1 AUDIO DOWNLOAD

    2015 RPTE Leasing Series: Session 1 AUDIO DOWNLOAD
    CLE 90 min

    2015 RPTE Leasing Series: Session 1 AUDIO DOWNLOAD

    One Form Doesn't Fit All: How Do Retail, Office, Industrial and Ground Net Leases
    Differ, and Why Does it Matter?

    Many provisions are common to all leases, but the concerns of the parties to a lease vary depending on the nature and use of the property leased. A lawyer needs to recognize the ways in which retail leases, office leases, industrial leases, and ground net leases differ from one another and the unique set of provisions that must be included in each one. This program will identify the moving parts in these different types of leases and the concerns that a lawyer preparing one of these leases should be sure to address, including:
    1.  Which duties should the landlord shift to a ground tenant, and which should the landlord retain?
    2.  What provisions are needed if a retail tenant will pay percentage rent?
    3.  What building services should an office tenant require, and how will the landlord be compensated for the cost of these services?
    4.  How can an industrial tenant draft in a way that gives it a wide range of uses, and how can the landlord protect itself from uses that will have an environmental impact on the property?
    5.  How are assignment and sublease rights treated differently in retail, office, ground, and industrial leases?
    6.  What unique checklist items should a lawyer assure are covered in each type of lease?

    Part I of the program will cover how the different lease types vary with respect to certain material economic terms, including:
    • Fixed rent, operating expenses and other pass-through expenses, and percentage rent
    • Identification and measurement of the premises
    • Lease term (including commencement date and length of term)
    • Tenant concessions (e.g., free rent, allowances)

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    2015 RPTE Leasing Series: Session 1 AUDIO DOWNLOAD

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