What Estate Planners Need to Know about Premarital

    What Estate Planners Need to Know about Premarital
    CLE 90 min

    What Estate Planners Need to Know about Premarital

    Estate planning for couples contemplating or entering second and later marriages, especially were children from prior relationships are involved, can be challenging. The panel will describe the difficulties planners generally encounter, and list and briefly describe the potential pitfalls, both in common law and community property states. Materials provided will give an in-depth discussion of those issues, pitfalls and planning solutions, while the panel will provide a brief introduction into marital property agreements, focusing on the Uniform Premarital and Marital Agreements Act.


    Our panelists will discuss:


    • The issues generally encountered
    • The law of property in support a divorce
    • Premarital property agreements – validity and drafting
    • UPMAA approach







    Elaine Bucher

    Gunster Law Firm, West Palm Beach, FL


    Tom Featherston

    Baylor University, Waco, TX


    Linda Ravdin

    Posternak & Fidis, Bethesda, MD

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    An effective estate plan requires not only well crafted documents, but also properly coordinated documents, valuations, and funding mechanisms with respect to business entities. Failure to properly coordinate business interests with the rest of the plan can result in unexpected tax and non-tax consequences.


    During this program our panelists will discuss:


    • Valuation mis-matches in the context of buy-sell agreements and Section 2703;
    • Funding mis-matches with buy-sell agreements;
    • Unintended windfalls/short-changing of parties;
    • Marital deduction mis-match issues with limited partnerships, buy-sell agreements, and division of controlling blocks in an estate;
    • Mis-match issues with Section 2036 considerations;
    • Tax-on-tax consequences in the estate of the first to die;
    • Unintended consequences with options vs. mandatory buy-out; and
    • Best practices to achieve certainty.



    N. Todd Angkatavanich

    Withers Bergman, LLP, Greenwich, CT


    Sean M. Aylward

    Wolff & Samson PC, Roseland, NJ


    Daniel McCarthy

    Wick Phillips Gould & Martin, LLP, Fort Worth, TX


    Christine Quigley

    Holland and Knight, Chicago, IL


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