Computer Advice and Assistance

Solo and small firm lawyers most likely do not have “computer geeks” working for them like one might find in the IT department of a law firm. So when the time comes to decide what kind of computer to purchase, or what kind of billing software is best for a busy litigator, or if it’s worth investing in a case or project management system, who does the solo/small firm lawyer turn to for advice?

There are dozens of choices to make when deciding on technology needs for a solo/small firm law office. One wrong purchase can be a fiscal nightmare and a huge stress inducer. You must have a computer, but will your needs be better served by a desktop or a laptop? Another important investment will be making the right choice for a high-end all-in-one printer that handles printing, scanning, faxing and copying. These are important decisions that ultimately will impact your bottom line and personal satisfaction.

Law office technology has become an integral part of any law practice. For solo and small firms it is crucial to make wise decisions when purchasing computer equipment and software up front and discover a reliable resource to ask for advice. Luckily there are many excellent resources, some of which we set out below. Another danger is becoming overwhelmed. So give thought to what you really need. Visit with other solo and small firm lawyers or reach out to the ABA GP Solo and Small Firm Division or the Law Practice Management Section for some direction.