Tips on how to balance obligations for your professional and personal life.

LawPro Magazine: WORK & WELLNESS

This issue contains useful information on finding work/life balance.
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Planning a Sabbatical

You can break the cycle of working ever harder to acquire more. Take a sabbatical and return ready to get untangled from all of your "stuff." 
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Overcoming Depression

Depression is not just a problem in the legal profession--it's a five-alarm fire. Recovery involves a mix of healthy strategies.
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Going Solo with Work-Life Balance

Learn how to go solo and maintain a work-life balance
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The Families of Solos and Small Firm Practitioners

Setting personal goals within your practice and your family can free you from the tyranny of circumstances and the mood swings that come from cycles of gains and losses.
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JD Bliss

by Joshua Fruchter
Blog on balancing life and the practice of law.
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