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Click here for Military Legal Assistance Offices
Servicemembers and their families may access free legal assistance at these offices. See our Working with a Lawyer publication for more details on eligibility.

Click here for Legal Aid and Pro Bono Programs
These programs providefree civil legal assistance, but your eligibility for services may be limitedbased on your income. These organizations may or may not have military-specificservices. Contact these programs for more details on eligibility.

Click here for Lawyer Referral Programs
These programs willconnect you to a lawyer who charges for legal services. Some attorneys withthese programs, however, may offer discounted initial consultations or maycharge reduced fees based on your income. Contact these programs for moreinformation.

Click here for Military-Specific Programs
These are programs designed to assist members of the military with legal matters. See the specific details on the services provided.

Military Legal Assistance Offices:

Langley AFB
Langley Law Center
33 Sweeney Blvd.
Langley AFB, VA 23665
Phone: 757-764-3277, DSN 574-3277

Client Services Branch, Legal Assistance Policy Division, Rosslyn Virginia
Client Services Branch, Legal Assistance Policy Division
1777 N. Kent Street
Rosslyn, VA 22209
Phone: (703) 696-1477, 425-1477

Fort Belvoir
Fort Belvoir Legal Office
9990 Belvoir Drive, Bldg 257
Fort Belvoir, VA 22060
Phone: 703-805-2856

Fort Eustis
2732 Madison Ave.
Newport News, VA 23604
Phone: 757-878-3031

Fort Lee
441 First St.
Petersburg, VA 23801
Phone: 804-765-1500

Fort Monroe - Scheduled to be closed by September 2011
Fort Monroe Legal AssistanceOffice
3 Ruckman Road,Bldg 77, Rm 115
Hampton, VA 23651
Phone: 757-788-3616, 680-3616

Fort Myer
Legal Assistance Office of the SJA Joint Forces HQ-NCR/USArmy Military District of Washington
202 Custer Road
Fort Myer, VA 22211
Phone: 703-696-0761

CGPC - U.S. Coast Guard Personnel Command
U.S.Coast Guard Legal Assistance
4200 Wilson BLVD. Suite 1100 Room 750
Ballston, VA 22203
Phone: 202-493-1745

USCG Legal ServiceCommand
USCG Legal Service Command
300 East Main St. Suite 400 [4th floor]
Norfolk, VA 23510
Phone: 757-628-4200

Commanding Officer USCG Training Center
ATTN: Legal Assistance Office Yorktown VA
Yorktown, VA 23690
Phone: 757-856-2374

NAS Oceana
NLSO MIDLANT Branch Office Oceana
799 Hornet Drive, Suite 100
Virginia Beach, VA 23460
Phone: 757-433-2230, 433-2230

NAVSTA Norfolk
NLSO Mid-Atlantic
9620 Maryland Avenue, Suite 100
Norfolk, VA 23511
Phone: 757-444-5300, 546-5300

Henderson Hall
Henderson Hall
Legal Assist. Office 1555 Southgate Road Building 29
Arlington, VA 22214
Phone: 703-614-1266, DSN 224-1266

MCB Quantico
Marine Corps Combat Development Command
Attn: Legal Assistance Office, Bldg. 3095
Quantico, VA22134
Phone:703-784-3122/3126, DSN 278-3122/3126

Military-Specific Programs:

Mason Veterans and Servicemembers Legal Clinic (M-VETS)
George Mason University School of Law
3301 Fairfax Drive
Arlington, VA 22201
Types of Cases Accepted:  General Civil and Consumer; Family (adoption/uncontested divorces); Physical/Medical Evaluation Boards; Discharge Review Boards; Boards for Correction of Military Records; VA Disability Appeals; Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims; Military Legal Issues.

Legal Services of Northern Virginia (Fairfax)
4080 Chain Bridge Road, 2nd Floor
Fairfax, VA 22030
Fax: 703-273-6476

Jennifer Fulmer, Pro Bono Managing Attorney
Intake: 703-778-6800, M-TH (9:30-12:30, 1:30-3:30)
Counties Served: Alexandria City, Arlington, Fairfax, Loudoun, Prince William
Type of Cases Accepted:
Bankruptcy, Consumer, Education, Elder Law, Employment Law, Housing, Wills, Low Income Tax Assistance, Health, Domestic Violence, Dissolution, Custody, Assistance to Veterans, Public Benefits

Virginia Bar Association
701 E. Franklin St.,
Suite 1120,
Richmond, VA 23219
Phone: (804) 644-0041
Contact: Matt Kapinos or Bob Barrett

The VBA Veterans Issues Committee is committed to helping Virginia servicemembers who are getting ready to deploy, or are returning from a deployment, find an attorney who will assist them or their family with their legal services needs on a pro bono or reduced fee basis.  To request assistance, please visit and fill out the "Request for Assistance" tab.  The VBA Veterans Issues Committee cannot guarantee legal representation, but will endeavor to find an attorney to assist qualified veterans and servicemembers.

Virginia Conflict Resolution Center
586 Virginian Drive
Norfolk, VA 23505
Types of Cases Accepted: Family (Separation Agreements, Custody, Visitation, Support). We also offer Parenting Classes.
The Virginia Conflict Resolution Center specializes in dispute resolution, including arbitration and mediation, and also offers parenting classes. The Center has a grant through the Virginia Department of Social Services that allows it to provide mediation services and parenting classes to servicemembers FREE of charge.