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Legal technology tips from Law Technology Today

By Gwynne Monahan

Staying on top of the latest technology tips, trends and news isn’t easy for a busy lawyer. Law Technology Today, the official blog from the ABA Legal Technology Resource Center, provides lawyers and other legal professionals with current, practical and innovative content. Stories told from the trenches of practicing law mix with practical tips and forward-thinking posts, covering core areas of law firm success: getting started, implementation, ethics/security considerations and what’s next.

Making Your Case

It’s conference season, a time for networking, learning and, yes, giving PowerPoint presentations. Since the iPad, however, the experience of presenting has changed. No longer are presenters tied to the stage, tied to a podium or even tied just to using PowerPoint. As speaking veteran Paul Unger points out in the opening of the first of a two-part series, speakers using iPads are free to move about the stage, or the courtroom, and engage in ways previously reserved for meetings in company boardrooms. His posts offer some tips on using your iPad to present at trial, starting with getting your PowerPoint on your iPad. In Part 2, he walks you through how to set up Apple TV so you can present like a pro in the courtroom. He even offers a backup plan, just in case you need it.

Have you had a courtroom tech disaster or avoided one? Tell us. We want to hear your story.

Beyond Hanging Out with Google Hangouts

Just as the iPad has changed presenting anywhere, Google Hangouts is quickly becoming a communication tool for lawyers. Heidi Alexander, a law practice management adviser at the Massachusetts Law Office Management Assistance Program, makes the case for video conferencing, changing the game for client meetings, real-time collaboration and how lawyers market themselves and their services. One of her marketing suggestions is to host a “live-stream seminar with Google Hangouts on Air for referral sources, clients and potential clients.” Recording and saving such a seminar using Google Hangouts on Air makes for easy sharing via YouTube, or on your website or blog.

Recording and saving a seminar using Hangouts on Air got Joe Kelly thinking. A seasoned Web developer who recently graduated from Michigan State University College of Law and joined Novaus Law, he wondered how Google Hangouts will function as the new legal interface. He takes you through the routine of being a lawyer: holding a client meeting, reviewing tasks and documents. Typical. But what happens if a lawyer leaves a law firm? Google Hangouts as the new legal interface, Kelly suggests, means issues of communication between lawyer and client are simplified, and in the event of a lawyer leaving, it contains a record of everything, so whoever steps in can quickly be brought up to speed. It suggests a smoother transition for client, lawyer and law firm. Put another way: Google Hangouts as the new legal interface offers a level of client experience yet to be reached.

What technology do you use in your law firm? How do you handle the business of being a lawyer to help be a zealous advocate for your clients? Tell us. We want to hear your story.

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