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How to get constructive feedback from your supervisor

CareerAdvice Live! is a free monthly webinar series that offers practical tips on selected topics — some for seasoned lawyers and others for new lawyers or law students. Experienced career counselor Kathy Morris, an author and speaker at attorney career programs nationwide, will host the 45-minute webinar at 1 p.m. ET on the second Friday of each month.

Coming this month:
Motivating Your Supervisors to Give It to You Straight
1 p.m. ET, Friday, Jan. 10

Annual performance reviews can prompt celebrations and somber self-reflection, but they shouldn’t contain surprises. Do you know how to obtain constructive feedback on your assignments throughout the year? Hear professional development experts advise you on:

  • How to seek and survive comments on your work, even when they're delivered harshly
  • Ways to comport and communicate while at review/feedback sessions ... and some definite don’ts
  • Steps to manage your year-round performance and others’ perceptions of it

Featured speakers:
Steve Armstrong is an educator and consultant who has worked with law firms and law departments in the United States, Canada and internationally for more than 20 years. His programs, which are informed by years of experience inside major law firms, provide practical advice suited to the context of high-stakes and pressure-ridden legal practices. Armstrong also consults with law firms to help them create programs, processes and cultures that enable their lawyers to do their best work.

Susan G. Manch. As firmwide director of learning and development at Bingham McCutchen, Manch collaborates with firm leaders to devise strategies to prepare lawyers and staff to provide the highest quality service to clients and to help them build successful and satisfying careers. Before joining Bingham, Manch was a founding principal of Shannon & Manch LLP, a leading consultancy advising law firms, law schools and a range of legal employers on talent development and lawyer career management strategies.

Kathy Morris, the CareerAdvice Live series moderator, founded Under Advisement Ltd. in 1988 to provide advice to lawyers, law students, and legal employers about job search, practice readiness and work performance issues. A former criminal defense lawyer and law school ethics professor, she is also a leader in the lawyer training and development field, a published author and a frequent speaker at legal career programs nationwide.

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How to get constructive feedback from your supervisor


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