Supreme Court Justice Kennedy encourages ABA to revitalize civic education
Justice Anthony M. Kennedy commended the American Bar Association for its efforts to call attention to the nation's justice system, but he stressed that the ABA must do more with regard to civic education.
>> The Associate Justice urged the ABA to strengthen the judiciary

Lawyers can work against gun violence, panel urges
Rock music fans who attended an Aug. 9 panel discussion titled “Lawyers, Guns & Money” may have been aware of Warren Zevon’s song of the same name, but what they heard along with other audience members was how the legal community can act to curb gun violence.
>> Gun violence is priority for incoming ABA president

Inadequate court resources hurt access to justice, say nation’s top jurists
The nation’s state and federal civil courts are at a crossroads, threatened by legislative budget cuts, sequestration and a growing sense that most Americans are not served by the justice system, a panel of current and retired jurists said at an opening session.
>> California Supreme Court Chief Justice:  “We are not dying, but we are on life support”

Stand your ground hearing bring race, justice system disparities to the fore
The fourth and final regional hearing of the National Task Force on Stand Your Ground Laws was an opportunity to air concerns about controversial self-defense laws and longstanding social justice issues affecting the African-American community.
>> Opponents call them “shoot first” laws

Pay equity is necessary for all lawyers to thrive, say prominent women lawyers
No matter what profession, level of education, percentage of women in a certain field, or amount of time taken off to raise children, a gap between the wages of men and women exists — 50 years after President John F. Kennedy signed the Equal Pay Act into law.
>> “It is not just a women’s issue, it is a family issue,” said ABA Gender Equity Task Force chair

Women lawyers in red celebrate 25 years of progress, vow to continue fight for equality
Women lawyers gathered on Aug. 9 to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the ABA Commission on Women in the Profession, which was established to secure full and equal participation of women in the legal profession.
>> Available ABA resources to help women lawyers bridge the pay gap

Health care law provides challenges for employers, legal experts say
The new health care law promises to usher in major changes in the way medical services are delivered in America, presenting challenging issues to employers, several lawyers said Friday during a panel on the second day of the Annual Meeting.
>> Penalties for failure to provide coverage extended

ABA panel tackles ‘patent trial of the century’
Design patents took center stage at a program on the Apple v. Samsung case.
>> Case has led to an uptick in the amount of design patents

Autopsy of the billable hour finds few signs of life
Participants at the program “Has the News of the Death of the Billable Hour Been Greatly Exaggerated?” discussed the rise of alternative fee arrangements and the resulting complications.
>> The kind of clause every arrangement should have

Legal career counselors share 10 tips on how to achieve work-life goals
A panel of 10 experienced legal career coaches revealed to young lawyers concrete tips and strategies for successful career advancement at the program “CareerLine LIVE!”
>> Recover from a mistake with credibility and confidence

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