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New value for ABA members

CareerAdvice Live! is a free monthly webinar series that offers practical tips on selected topics — some for seasoned lawyers and others for new lawyers or law students. Experienced career counselor Kathy Morris, an author and speaker at attorney career programs nationwide, will host the 45-minute webinar at 1 p.m. ET on the second Friday of each month.

Coming this month:

Tailor Your Career to Fit Your Strengths
1 p.m. ET, Friday, Oct. 18
Learn how to identify your strengths to speed you along a successful path or help you remap your route. This program has pointers for lawyers considering a midcareer change and for new lawyers or law students eager to select the right practice area.

Featured speakers:

Courtney Goldstein, a partner in the Southern California office of Major, Lindsey & Africa, focuses on legal job placement and career development. She has successfully placed attorneys at international, national, regional and boutique law firms as well as corporations.

Tim Leishman, a principal of Firm Leader in Toronto, has been working with major law firms for more than 25 years as a partner, with management responsibilities in a leading Canadian firm and as a consultant with more than a third of the Global 100 law firms and other firms of all sizes. He designs programs for lawyers in leadership, business development and goal-setting.

Kathy Morris, founder of Under Advisement Ltd., has counseled law students and lawyers for decades on job search and career development. She served as a charter board member of the National Professional Development Consortium, was the first director of the ABA Career Resource Center and is an author and speaker at attorney career programs nationwide.

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